“Just months after Hurricane Sandy destroyed their box, CrossFit King of Island Park qualified for the CrossFit Games.”

Our friends at CrossFit King of Island Park (formerly CrossFit King of the Beach in Long Beach, N.Y) have a lot to be proud of. After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy their positive attitudes and continued hard efforts earned them a spot at the 2013 CrossFit Games in Carson, California. How they pulled together to stay strong (mentally and physically), along with the support they received from the community shows what CrossFit is truly all about.

Even our own Coach at CrossFit 516 Logan Schecter is lending his efforts to help this team succeed on their journey to the top.

“With their tickets to California secured, Team King of Island Park has handed their programming over to Logan Schecter of CrossFit 516, giving them more energy to concentrate on performing their best rather than scrutinizing every workout. Games prep also means stepping out of their comfort zone.”

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