Hey there guys and gals! Logan here taking over the competition blog for the next couple of months.

Quick note: You are doing this program to be CrossFit competitors. That means being involved in competitions. Just because you are a good athlete does not make you a good competitor. Competition mentality and strategy/planning takes experience and practice which all of you need. Start searching and getting signed up for some local comps. If you find one then consult with us first and get our feedback on it but we strongly encourage your participating in individual and team competitions.

Heres day 1 !!!!!!



3 sets, not for time
Rope climbs x2
Unbroken double unders x30-50
Strict handstand push-ups x5-10



Split Jerk
Establish a 1RM in 15-20 min

*Complete this with 7 or less heavy singles



Front Squat
Establish a 1RM in 15-20 min

*Complete this with 7 or less heavy singles


EMOM for 10 min
3 Power cleans (185/125)
10 Box jumps (24/20 bounding)

rest 2 min

EMOM for 10 min
1-3 Muscle ups

*Comment with how many muscle-ups you chose to do per round. Try and learn you body and pick a rep range that you can sustain throughout the 10 min. If unable to do muscle-ups, perform these reps with a band on the rings with your body in a seated position (Do 3 reps if using a band). Comment with what band you used