*This was meant to be Thursdays session. Because of Thanksgiving, I decided to move this one up and give you all a rest day on Thursday. Next week, your rest days will go back to Wednesday & Sunday.


3 sets, not for time
10 Butterfly pull-ups
10 Pistols, 5 ea leg
30 Second L-sit



Back Squat
5×5 @70%

*Focus on speed on the way up and getting out of the bottom of your squat fast. Squatting mechanics should be flawless.



EMOM for 10 min
3-7 Strict handstand push-ups
10 Games standard box Jumps (24″ M/ 20″ F)

*Pick a rep range and stick to it. Start to learn what your body is capable of sustaining. Practice bounding off of the floor for the box jump.



3 rounds for time:
500 m row
25 Kettlebell swings (53/35)
15 Burpees