Bench press
55% x5
70% x3
85% x1
75% x5
85% x3
95% x1
85-90% x4
85-90% x4
85-90% x4



5 sets
5 Push press
5 Power jerk
5 Split jerk
rest 2 min
(Goal is minimum 135/95 for all sets)

*Try to not break your tempo when moving from push press into push jerk and push jerk into split jerk. Goal is cycling speed first, strength second.



EMOM for 12 Min:
Odd: 30 sec max Kettlebell swings (72/53)
Even: 10-15 Butterfly Pull-ups
(pull-ups should be done within the first :30 seconds of the minute)

*At the top of your KB swing, arms should be straight with the kettlebell over head.