3 sets, not for time
L-sit x40 sec
Handstand walk x100ft
Pistol x8 ea. leg



Split jerk
In 15-20 min establish a 1RM



Front Squat
5×2-3 @90%

*Goal is 3 reps each set.



EMOM for 20 min
Odd- TnG Power snatch x3 (135/95)
Even- Pull-up x10 + Burpee Box jump over x5 (24″/20″)

*Make sure all your snatches are touch and go reps. Do not pause on the floor or drop the bar between reps. When lowering the bar down from over head, try not to pause at the thigh and continue to move right down to the floor. This is an advanced bar cycling technique so if you have to, you may reset at the thigh but do not rest on the floor.