3 sets:

12-15 toes to bar (unbroken)

30-50 double unders

10 hip extensions @ 2112


3 sets:

15 push presses (115/75)

60 sec rest

15 pull up

60 sec rest

*All sets must be unbroken


5 minutes max meters on rower


*So yesterday was a BIG success, about 95% of the gym hit a new PR. If anyone did not come in today please find time to make this one up for the next cycle. Great job everyone!

*This week is a testing week, make sure to come in so you can hit some NEW records. Also we will be starting a new cycle which will include a bit of TEMPO training in the squat, bench and dead lift. The goal of this new cycle is to get you ready for the CrossFit open in regards to time domain and likely movements that we may see in this years open. Hope you all enjoy it.