3 rounds, ea for time:
10 Handstand push-ups
15 C2B Pull-ups
20 Alternating Pistols (10 ea. leg)
rest 3 min



5 sets
Power jerk x2 + Split jerk @60-80%



2 sets
Max Thruster x30 sec (135/95)
rest 3 min



3 rounds for time of:
80 Double unders
40 Push press (75/45)
20 Toes to bar



3 sets
Good morning x4-6 @41×1
Weighted Back rack reverse in-place lunges x14 (7 ea. leg)

Don’t feel the need to go super heavy with the lunges. Add as much weight as you can with still keeping an upright torso throughout the movement. Once weight starts to push you forward when stepping back and coming up, that should be your sign to go lighter in weight. Challenge yourself but don’t go off the deep end.