3 turkish get ups each arm

6 strict toes to bar

9 wall balls (heavy)




Close grip Bench press @ 60%(middle fingers placed on the beginning of the knurling)

4×6 @ 21X1

between each set complete 15-20 skull crushers (use barbell)



Anyone who did not complete yesterdays 75 pull ups will complete:


For time:

75 pull ups
If you completed the 75 pull ups from yesterday then you will complete:


For time:

25 burpees

20 box jumps (24″/20″)

15 burpees

10 box jumps

5 burpees



To all CF516 members. If you plan on volunteering for the competition on Saturday, please come to the gym tomorrow at 7pm for a briefing on how the day will run with movement standards and scoring. If you have not said you want to volunteer but would like to help out feel free to come by at 7pm tomorrow to be a part of our event.