My athletic background consisted of running, biking, martial arts, and the usual routine at the gym. I stumbled upon CrossFit at the end of 2008. I was pursuing a certificate in personal training at the time. On the way to class I walked passed the window of a gym, the loud music and dropping of weights drew me in. I saw a group of people doing a workout together, some doing gymnastics on the bar, some lifting weights, others throwing themselves to the floor (burpees!), all while cheering each other on and pushing each other to get through the challenges. Right then I knew I needed to be part of that and I signed up the next day.

I love what CrossFit has done to change impossible to possible for anyone who takes on the challenge of stepping foot in the door. It has kept me motivated, excited, challenged, and inspired. There’s always another goal to achieve, and right there by your side are the people you gruel through each workout together, and who always have one bit of energy left to throw a high five at the end of the day.

I am a Kindergarten teacher and enjoy working with children. I attended the CrossFit Kids training class a couple of years ago and began testing its ideals in the classroom setting. Seeing its impact on children’s physical, social, and educational achievements, I knew it was something I wanted to do. The dream of mine to combine my love of CrossFit and helping children finally came true after starting CrossFit Kids at CrossFit 516. I also love being a part of the coaching staff for the adults, and am very thankful to Tyler and Logan for the opportunity.