500m row (wod pace)

3 minute stretch

2 rounds:

100m skip

100m side step (L)

100m side step (R)

100m backwards

3 minute stretch 

3-5 minute stretch


Threshold training (sacrificing some power in your pull to increase your stokes per min is ok)

60 sec row @ 30SPM

90 sec rest

50 sec row @ 35SPM

90 sec rest

40 sec row @ 40SPM

90 sec rest

30 sec row @ 45SPM

90 sec rest

20 sec row @ 50+SPM


5-10 minute stretch


All row are to be done at max effort: (100%)

1500m row

rest 4-5 minutes

1000m row

rest 3-4 minutes

750m row

2-3 minutes rest

500m row


Extra credit: 400ft tip top walk (35lb KB ea. hand)