In teams of 2, complete
3 rounds for time of:
400 m partner run
20 Partner Barbell Clean and overhead (135/95)
20 Partner Barbell Thrusters, alternating shoulders (135/95)

*All barbell work will be performed with each athlete on opposite ends of the barbell, facing each other.
**Hold the end of the barbell, outside of the loaded plates to perform all movements.
***Barbell Clean + overhead One rep = Barbell will come off the floor and pulled onto one shoulder. From there, press the bar overhead with locked out arms and move to the opposite shoulder and place on the ground on the opposite side of where the rep started.
****Barbell Thruster One rep = Bar starts on each athletes shoulder (bar to one side). Perform a squat and press the bar overhead. Lower bar down to the opposite shoulder and continue for 20 total reps.