Back squat
60% x5
70% x3
80% x2
90% x2
95% x1

Front squat
65% x5
75% x4
80% x4
85% x4

5 sets
Banded running x100ft
Partner Glute ham raises AKA “Trust falls” x8
*Rest while partner works

**All the above work is to be done with a partner. Alternate between working partner and assisting partner. For banded running, step into a resistance band and place around waist. Have your partner hold onto the resistance band behind you and begin to run forwards. The person hlding the resistanc eband should allow the person running to make forward progress but to make it challenging for them to move forward.
For partner glute ham raises AKA “Trust falls” start with your knees on the floor with an upright posture. Your partner will hold your feet down behind you and allow you to move forward and down towards the floor. Do Not Break Your Midline Position.