1 set:
20 rep back squat
(week 8/set 2)

power snatch ladder (95/65)
In teams of 2 complete:
partner 1 completes 10 power snatches
then partner 2 completes 10 power snatches
all the way down to 1

This year’s CrossFit games open schedule:
We will be hosting the CrossFit open on Saturdays 8:00am-12:00pm
If for any reason you cannot make Saturdays, you will be able to complete the workout at any time between Friday and Monday night. I will program your workouts for the next 5 weeks as follows: Monday-Wednesday will consist of higher volume workouts. Thursday will be a low volume, moderate intensity day, and Friday will be a low intensity, low volume day to make sure everyone is primed and ready for the open workout on Saturday. Hope you enjoy.