Back to Basics

Today marks the beginning of a NEW cycle. This cycle will not be like most cycles, where the primary goal is to increase your overall fitness. This cycle will be geared towards improving your overall movement. Improving the quality and efficiency of your movement will significantly decrease chances of injury, and will also allow you to flow through your workouts with much more ease. The primary strength pieces we will be focusing on will be the back squat, push jerk and the dead lift, while also working on body control and stability throughout your mid line. You will notice some new standards that will be held for movement during certain workouts. Each coach had a part in creating this new cycle, and we hope you see great improvements from it. You will also be given a responsibility during this cycle, and that is to remember why you started CrossFit and not get caught up in the competitive edge class might bring. There is a time and place for that, and day-to-day training is not necessarily it. Poor movement and performance come with consequences, and it’s time to really focus on how well you moved and not how fast you moved. If you do not take the time to master the movements you will fall victim to the danger of, pardon my French, “training like a dumb ass!” All the coaches are on the same page and have the same goals in mind, so if you have any questions please bring it up to them during class. Please keep any questions and discussions of movement directed to coaches during this cycle, rather than to fellow members.

You will still be getting hard, painful, and fun workouts, we will just be teaching you the difference between training vs testing. Hope you enjoy!

2 sets:
30 sec hand stand hold (if you cannot flip into the handstand you may climb up feet first to a comfortable position)
12 hip extensions w/ 1 sec pause at the top of ea. rep
50ft broad jump

15 minute to find 1RM
Push jerk (not split jerk)

*A push press does not count.

“The Hammer”
For time:
4 rounds
7 Push jerks (155/105) w/ 1 sec pause at the top of ea. rep
7 Front squats
run to the first stop sign & back