2 sets:
30-45 sec hand stand hold
12 hip extensions w/ 1 sec pause at the top of ea. rep
50ft single leg hop on right leg
50ft single leg hop on left leg

Push jerks
dip hold + jerk x2
set 1) @ 55%
set 2) @ 60%
set 3) @ 60%
set 4) @ 65%
set 5) @ 65%

*for each rep there will be a 1 sec pause at the
bottom of the catch AND the top of the rep

3 rounds for total time:
500m row
10 squat cleans (135/95)
7 push jerks with 1 sec pause at the top of each rep

rest 1-2 minutes between rounds

Hope everyone enjoyed the surprise 3 mile run yesterday. If you have any questions and were upset about it, see no one, because you are now fitter than you were Sunday. Everything we do is to better you and to push you to do things you normally wouldn’t do, so great job and remember we love you.