Teams of 2:
For time:
100 alternating power cleans (185/125)

*For anyone who gave their friends or family members a free month certificate, please make sure you give it to them soon because they expire in about 2 weeks.

*Some additional information on our Level 2 program:
This program was created for anyone interested in competing in the Sport of fitness. This program is open to all athletes. You do not have to compete to follow this program, you can also just use it as a source of additional work after any class. Almost every part “A” in our level 2 program will be completing class, followed by additional work afterwords such as metcons,EMOMS, oly wods, etc. For anyone who only has one hour a day but wants to do the level 2 program, unfortunately class is a necessity and quite frankly you will get more bang for your buck spending the hour you have in class with a coach. There is always the option of adding rounds to a workout or scaling up in weight if you want to challenge yourself more during class – just speak to the coach about the best way to scale up in a class WOD.