For time
1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
1 mile run

Hey everyone,

Tomorrow we will be having one class at 9am. We will be doing the Murph. Besides it being an intense workout, be sure to remember why we are doing it. It isn’t about your time, what band you use or how fast you run. It’s about honoring Michael Murphy, a Long Island native, Navy Seal and Medal of Honor recipient. If you have seen the movie Lone Survivor, or read the book, he was the officer of the team. I implore you all to learn more about the man by reading his book, Seal of Honor or watching the documentary about him, Murph the Protector. Wether you’re working out or having a drink at a BBQ, remember the sacrifice that he and many other men and women have made in order to preserve Freedom. Freedom isn’t free. It’s cost comes at a price that is paid for in the blood of men and women who choose to defend it. It’s our job to honor their sacrifice and live our lives to the fullest in their names. Keep in mind the families who lost their loved ones in order for all of us to enjoy ours this weekend. But don’t just do it tomorrow, do it everyday. Be proud to call yourself American.