2 sets:
60 hand stand hold OR free standing hand stand
20 GHD sit ups
60 single leg jump rope (30 ea. leg)

Push jerks
dip pause right into jerk + jerk
set 1) @ 65%
set 2) @ 65%
set 3) @ 70%
set 4) @ 75%
set 5) @ 75%

*for each rep there will be a 1 sec pause at the
bottom of the catch and the top of the rep

“The Hammer”
For time:
4 rounds
7 Push jerks (155/105) w/ 1 sec pause at the top of ea. rep
7 Front squats
run to the first stop sign & back

Reminder: Memorial day we will be doing “Murph” at 9:00am with a BBQ after, all other classes will be cancelled. This is a special day for CrossFitters and we would love to see everyone do their best to make it in and enjoy Murph together.