Push jerk
set 1) @ 70%
set 2) @ 75%
set 3) @ 80%
set 4) @ 85%
set 5) @ 90%


For time:
3 rounds
400m run
10 strict presses (115/75)
15 toes to bar

* one second pause at the top of each strict press


Programming notes: We are re-testing our 1RM push jerk in 2 weeks, after that we will be transitioning into “back to basics” phase two. Do your best to make it to class in the next 2 weeks so you do not miss any re-tests or any NEW tests for the next phase.

Paleo potluck – Saturday, June 13th- We are having an evening paleo potluck here at the gym and hope that many of you will be able to make it! It will start at 6:00 pm. There is a sheet posted on the display case in the lobby for this event – please write your name and what you plan on bringing so that we don’t have duplicates and can account for the number of people attending.

Movie night – Friday, June 19th at 7:00 pm we will be bringing back movie night! I am accepting movie suggestions and will let you know what the winner is. Food will be provided and, again, BYOB. Please bring lawn or beach chairs with you, as seating is limited.

Swim clinic – Sunday, June 28th 8am-10am we will be holding our very first swim clinic! We will be covering the basics and mechanics of the Freestyle Stroke or commonly known as the “front crawl stroke.” This clinic is not for anyone who doesn’t know how to swim but rather for the crossfit athlete who is looking for expert advice on how to move more efficiently through the water and introduce swimming into their fitness toolbox. (If you are interested in private lessons to learn how to swim please contact Tyler for more information.) During this clinic our goal will be working on streamlining our body position in the water, breathing techniques and learning how to kick properly. There will be lifeguards and coaches on deck to ensure proper water safety measures are in place. Please remember to bring goggles, swim suits, towels, swim caps (females) and flip flops.