Collect 100 pull ups throughout the week.
*Side note: There will be pull ups on Tuesday so get some done today but don’t do more than 30

Test (write in your book)
Find 5RM front squat

“Raulli reps” (when you get tired just move to the next movement)
In 6 minutes complete 20 HSPU, with the remaining time complete AMRAP of:
5 power cleans (185/125)
15/10 push ups
4 minutes rest

BIG congratulations to Jen and Chris on their marriage that took place on this beautiful saturday. We couldn’t be more excited to see the two of you start your lives together. The both of you have been such a big part of our community for so long and it brings great joy to see you two so happy. Congrats again from the bottoms of our hearts.

-The 516 family