Home work:
Pick one and complete once a week for 4 weeks (stick with the same task for all 4 weeks)
The day and whether you do it before or after workouts is up to you.

1- 30 Clean and jerks (185/125)
2- 40 chest to bar pull ups
3- 2k row

3 sets:
1 minute 85% effort on AB
1 minute rest
1 minute max GHD sit ups
1 minute rest
1 minute max Double unders
1 minute rest

6 sets:
Push press + Push jerk + Split jerk
rest 90-120 sec between sets

For time:
20 bar muscle ups
10 squat cleans (205/135)

For time:
30/25 calories
30/25 pull ups

*This is meant to be an all out effort, as little transition time as possible