5K run

Before you think about not coming in because “you can do that at home” (which you wont) or “that will take me too long” or any other reason you can think of to make yourself feel better about being lazy and scared, I want you to consider the actual benefits of running long distance (BTW 5K is not that long). Think about when you started CrossFit. You couldn’t do half the things you do now and probably lift a whole lot more weight. This for some of you will be a workout for the mind and for some a bid lung burner. The fact that you don’t want to do this is the epitome of everything CrossFit stands for and is the reason you should.

PS: Any gym that tells you their goal is to deliver you a service that will result in you being as fit as possible and doesn’t ever make you run at least a 5K once in a while…well they’re lying to you.