The Open is here!!! The first workout is 20 minutes long and requires the use of a lot of space in the gym. Because of the logistics of the workout, we will run small heats of no more than 7 people per heat. The gym will open at 7 a.m. for you to come warm up, and the first heat will begin at 8 a.m. We will run heats every 25 minutes. There is a sign up sheet with heat times on the whiteboard in the gym. PLEASE COME IN AND SIGN UP FOR A HEAT TIME TOMORROW (FRIDAY). This will prevent people from having to stand around for a long period of time and will narrow down the window of time you will have to spend at the gym to get the WOD done. Of course, please stay and cheer on your friends and fellow athletes if you have time to do so!! If you need to complete the workout Sunday or Monday, make sure to tell the coach as soon as you arrive for class. This will likely be one of the longer, more complicated WODs to complete, and I don’t expect to have the same logistical issues over the next few weeks. Let’s have some fun!

For those of you who are not coming in Saturday, you will be doing “A”

20 minute AMRAP
25ft over head walking lunges (95/65)
8 bar facing burpees
25ft over head walking lunges
8 chest to bar pull ups

*The coach will give you the scaled options for the WOD during class

For those of you who are doing 16.1 on Saturday, you will b doing “B” & “C”

EMOM for 20 minutes
Odd: 200m row
Even: 2 Power snatches (heavy)

15-20 minute of shoulder mobility