The open is almost here!! Many of you have already signed up, and for those of you that haven’t there is about a week left for you to do so before registration closes. The open workouts will be performed every Saturday. For those of you that can’t make it in on Saturday, you will have an opportunity to do the workout on another day during class hours. During the open, there will be no olympic lifting classes on Saturday mornings and the open wod will replace the class wod. The heats will start tentatively at 9 am (more detailed schedule to follow) and the gym will be open earlier for people to come in and get warmed up for the workout. You will be able to sign up for a heat on the whiteboard when you arrive. The vibe and atmosphere are a lot of fun during the open, and you will enjoy these Saturdays! It’s also an excellent time to bring friends and family to show them what you do at Crossfit. If you haven’t signed up, but plan on working out on Saturdays for the next few weeks, you may as well sign up and track your workouts since you will be doing them anyway. There will be two class wods posted on Fridays. One will be for those not doing the open, and will be more intense than the one that will be posted for those doing the open wod on Saturdays. This is to make sure that everyone is fresh and ready to go Saturday mornings. Stay tuned for more news.

4 rounds for times:
500m row
10 Power clean (165/110)
rest 2 minutes