There are moments in CrossFit where the community and energy are so high that it’s just infectious. It’s during these times that everyone comes together and becomes a part of something much bigger than themselves. Saturday was one of those days. 16.3 was, in my opinion, the epitome of why it’s so important to be involved in the CrossFit open. There were so many amazing moments of first bar muscle ups and amazing camaraderie expressed by everyone. I couldn’t be more proud of such a wonderful group of people. I hope everyone now understands why we try so hard to get everyone to sign up to the open – it’s not about being the best, it’s about giving your best. Keep up the phenomenal work and we are looking forward to a great 16.4!!

Back squats
5 @ 75%
3 @ 80%
1 @ 85%
5 @ 80%
3 @ 85%
1 @ 90%

For time:
5 Rounds
10 Dead lifts (225/155)
20 Wall balls (20/16)