Today is the day you have all been waiting for. Today is day 1 of cycle 1. It is called cycle one because this is the beginning the CrossFit season. You are going to notice some changes in how classes are run as well as movement standards. There will also be a new breakdown in weights and standards depending on your specific age group. We will now have a RX, MRX (Masters RX), and an M+. All three of these divisions will have a different weight, and possible movement modification, depending on the workout. All of these changes are to enhance your experience as well as your overall fitness at CrossFit 516. For anyone who missed the Q&A from last week this cycle is going to have a macro focus (not a donut focus) of Aerobic power & Anaerobic lactic power (short intervals with lots of power output) and a micro focus on Anaerobic lactic capacity (typical wods) along with squatting every Tuesday and benching every Friday. Now please listen, I implore all of you to bring back your post-beginners class mentality. Go back to that time when you were pumped about bringing your A game to class and when you were excited about your daily improvements. Because the truth is you can have a million dollar program but if you’re a 10 cent athlete you will go no where fast. Come to class to learn and improve your fitness and we will help you become fitter than you ever thought possible. Thank you and we hope you enjoy these next several weeks.

2 sets:
5-7 Muscle ups OR 10 Ring pull ups OR 10 strict pull ups w/ 1 sec pause at top
15 GHD sit ups
50 Double unders

For time:
15 Clean and jerks RX(155/105) MRX(115/75) M+(75/55)
20 Burpees
400m run

*This workout is not to be paced, this is an ALL OUT effort. Do not start with singles on the C&J. Link as many as you can together then drop right into the burpees and out the door.