This week is test week. We are officially in Phase 2 of cycle 1, which is our sprint cycle. We have made some changes from last year’s sprint cycle and can’t wait to see the results. Something I strongly recommend is taking a daily photo of yourself during this cycle to keep track of your results over the next few weeks. Sprints are highly effective at burning fat and build muscle. We recommend keeping hydrated throughout this cycle and increasing your fat intake in the mornings of the sprint days and saving your carbs for after the workout. We hope you all enjoy this the results. But remember you get what you put into it, so work hard and have fun.

There will be no level 2 this week.

2 sets:
3-7 Muscle ups OR 5 Pull ups w/ 10 sechold at top
20 GHD sit ups
10 Double KB front rack step ups (5 ea leg)

“Cry my a river”
For time:
Power clean RX (115/75) MRX (95/65) M+ (65/45)
Wall balls RX(20/16) MRX(16/12) M+(12/10)