Starting September 2016 we will be introducing our first ever neighbor rewards program. You can pick up your free gift cards from Jayne or Tyler at the front desk.

Details of the program are as follows:

CrossFit 516 Neighbor Rewards Program

“Reclaiming what technology took from us – know your neighbors ”

Here’s how the program works:

You must be a current Member to participate with us in this program.
We will be offering a “FREE” 30 Day Gift Memberships for you to distribute.
You may ONLY distribute these gift memberships to someone who lives on your physical block of residence.
If, after the 30 day free trial, your guest chooses to sign up you will receive a Gift Card (Valued @ $50) for each enrollee. (Your gift cards may be used towards any membership fees, services and apparel we offer.)

Once you enroll 3 or more of your neighbors you’ll receive:

3 Month membership, Absolutely FREE!!

Our mission is and has always been to make the world a fitter place. The goal of this program is to enhance and strengthen our community both inside and outside of the gym. Making the world a fitter place starts by people paying it forward.

1 Extended membership months cannot be used as payments towards precontracted membership. Your current membership will be extended for an additional 3 more months, with no charge.
2 Member Rewards Gift Cards must be present when being redeemed; can be used towards any membership payments, apparel, and supplements sold through CrossFit 516. Gift cards must be used in full at time of redemption.