516 Announcement: This Sunday Gary Woods and Bryan Brady from 516 will be running the NYC Marathon. A group of us will be making our way to the city to cheer them on and support our fellow 516ers. If you are free or can get free it would be greatly appreciated if you joined us. Running 26.2 miles is not easy and having people there when it gets hard to remind them to keep pushing is a big help. So if you can make it this Sunday please see Tyler for details. Thank you.

1 set: 20 rep back squat (40lbs)

EMOM for 12 minutes
2 rounds of:
1 Squat clean RX(185/125) MRX(155/105) M+(95/75)
2 Burpees over bar

4 minute AMRAP
3 Front squats RX(185/125) MRX(155/105) M+(95/75)
7 Bounding box jumps RX(24/20) MRX(20/12) M+(12″)
*Rest 3 minutes, repeat