This Friday is our 6th annual Halloween bash. The party starts at 8pm and won’t end unless you want it to. BE there dressed in your finest attire. Friends and family are always welcome. Drinks and snacks will be available but if there is something in particular you would like to bring please bring it. Can’t wait and hope to see you all there.

Make up the 20 rep squat sometime this week (we will not be doing it in today’s class)

For time:
50 Air squats
50 Power snatches, bar just below the knee (w/ barbell)
50 Mountain climbers

Find a 1RM bench press

3 sets:
8-12 DB flys
90-120 sec rest
12-15 DB bent over rows (rest 30 seconds before doing next arm)
90-120 sec rest
10 Barbell curls (achieve the perpetual pump)
90-120 sec rest