New cycle starts today!
We posted a food list on Instagram and FaceBook for everyone. Please do your best to stick to those foods for the first 4 weeks of the cycle. For this first month our goal is for you to learn how to prep food as well as understand how much of each food group you are allowed.

Here are the guidelines:

 Both men and women use a 2:1 CARB to PROTEIN and .5 FAT FAT ratio per pound of body weight
. for example, a 200 lb male would get 400 grams of carbs, 200 grams of protein and 100 grams of fat divided evenly throughout the day.
. a 140 lb female would get 280 grams of carbs, 140 grams of protein and 70 grams of fat divided evenly throughout the day.

For males the 200 lb example above will be for anyone in the 170-225 lb range and the 140 lb example for females will apply to anyone in the 130-150 lb range. If you are outside of those numbers calculate to you bodyweight following the same breakdown as listed above.
Using this formula you can dial up or down to create a baseline caloric range.

 Zero sugars and processed carbs.

 For the first time we will be introducing the necessity of supplementation. eg. BCAAs to be taken 10 mins PRIOR to training and consumed DURING as well. Post workout whey protein consumed
within 20 mins as well as glutamine before bedtime to enhance recovery and reduce DOMS.

YOUR FOOD IS NOT TO BE EYE BALLED! You must calculate everything which is why you bought the scale. Carbs, then protein and then fat.

As the cycle progresses the rules of the diet will change such as measurements, foods allowed, as well as the movements and rep schemes in the workouts.

Now… how we are going to be holding you accountable is by weekly pictures. You must 1 mandatory picture of your stomach every single week. An optional (recommended) 2 additional pictures of your back and side profile for the duration of this cycle. We will be choosing a member of the month from the results of the pictures (which do not need to be posted!).

Today’s workout is a total body push session, please show up on time. You will be broken up into groups, after completing each piece you will rotate the next set of exercises. Note: this will not necessarily be completed in this order.

Don’t Panic! You will still be seeing our normal interval workouts regularly. Also, once we perfect the time management of these workouts we will be able to do more fitness in the hour. So enjoy!

3 sets: (45-60 sec rest between sets, NO MORE)
12 Back Squat * 16 DB walking lunges

3 sets: (45-60 sec rest between sets, NO MORE)
12 Flat bench * 16 Inc DB bench press

3 sets: (40 sec max rest bet sets)
20 BB or DB rev alt lunges

3 sets: (45-60 sec rest between sets, NO MORE)
12 BB strict Press * 12 DB Arnold presses

2 sets: (45-60 sec rest between sets, NO MORE)
12 Skull crushers * 12 Dips (weighted or BW)