The open is OVER!!!!
We’ve had more people sign up this year than any other year before. So many PRs and amazing memories in the 2018 open and we couldn’t be more proud of all of you.

Now that the open season has come to an end we will be moving on to a new and exciting year at CrossFit 516.

For ANYONE interested in what we have planned, what cycles are ahead of us, or have any questions as to the what,how and why we do what we do, please join us April 8th at 10:30am for our first of many Q&A’s to come this year.

Also stay tuned for some more upcoming announcements as to how we are going to be raising the bar on fitness, gym and social standards as well as new gym rules and other ways to give all of you as much knowledge and value as we can.

Buy in:
3 sets
20 Alt DB up right rows
6 Turkish get ups (3/3)
20 Med ball twist

5 rounds for total clean and jerks: (2 minute recovery btw rounds)
Row 200m in 60 seconds, in the remaining time complete as many clean and jerks as possible (115/75)