Personal Training


Personal training is an extremely effective way to achieve your individual goals. You will be given your very own coach who will work with you to identify and clarify your fitness goals and create a program designed specifically for you.  

You and your coach will discuss your macro and micro goals and how to achieve them.

  • Your first session will involve a movement screening as well as a fitness assessment to identify your level of fitness.   

Why personal training?

  • It is a great way to gradually build a solid base of fitness for someone who has lived a sedentary lifestyle for an extended period of time.
  • A sure way to excel in any sport is to add strength & conditioning to your training.
  • Group style training isn’t for you? Or need extreme modifications do to an injury or age etc? Personal training guarantees all eyes on you to maximize your time and ability.


  • Personal training packages are determined by how many training sessions you are interested in.
  • Semi-private training for small groups of 2-3 individuals. Save some money by training with a friends. It is also a sure way to keep each other motivated.
  • Some people would just like more individual attention.
  • Team training is one of the most effective ways to keep an entire team on the same training regimen. Making sure all athletes are working towards the same goals, as well as building the camaraderie of the team through facilitating a community based training program.